• Interpreting Services Rates are calculated and agreed with the client on the basis of the complexity level and of the kind of interpreting requested. The rate can be calculated on a daily base, on an hourly basis or it can also be a forfeit. When needed a refunding of extra costs is requested.
  • Translation services
    Also in this case the rates are calculated and agreed with the client according to complexity of the translation, urgency, length and kind of text.

    In the case of translation services the starting point to calculate the rate is the source text or the target text. Rates can be calculated per word, per DIN line (55 keystrokes each) or per 25 line page (each line = 55 keystrokes).

    As the Italian translated text sometimes is longer than the source text especially as compared to source text in English (+ 30%) and German (+ 40% or 50%), cost estimates per translation provide a mere indication.

    Rates can be subject to changes if the text to be translated requires special research and a refunding will be requested if translation is to be carried out at the client’s headquarters.

    Discounts will be applied for very long translations or in case of a permanent collaboration.

  • Cost estimates
    If you need an estimate of costs for any service provided (interpreting, translating, language courses or similar) you can always ask for a free and not binding one, choosing the way you prefer in the section Contacts.